Key visual for the dry-powder inhaler EASYHALER from ORION Pharma

The dry-powder inhaler EASYHALER from ORION Pharma is the only inhaler available as a single inhaler device that can be used with all active ingredients throughout all stages of asthma and COPD treatment. The four straight chemical ingredients are budesonide, salbutamol, beclomethasone, and formoterol and the recently approved combined formula budesonide+formoterol, which is marketed under the brand name BUFORI EASYHALER. For the first time, continuous stage-compatible asthma and COPD treatment can be carried out without the need to change devices. Our job was to communicate the unique selling point of EASYHALER which sets it apart from the competition in a key visual.

The key visual developed by, “NIE MEHR WECHSELN!” (Never change!) was the core element of the BUFORI EASYHALER launch campaign, which included communication measures for the EASYHALER range, and info and service material for expert groups, medical practice teams, and patients.

Special attention was given to service elements which save doctors and medical practice teams time, and help patients use the device, all of which raises compliance in asthma and COPD treatment. These measures include inhalation instructions in 16 languages, a fully-equipped training case, and extensive patient information for children, teenagers, and adult asthma and COPD patients.

Develop a key visual for the EASYHALER range / launch BUFORI EASYHALER

ORION Pharma

Target groups:
General practitioners, pneumologists, pediatricians, pharmacies, patients

Key visual development, launch and service material, sales team material

Asthma bronchiale, COPD, respiratory diseases, respiratory care, inhaler