GIB & GABI – the kids magazine published by the GESUND-IST-BUNT chain of pharmacies.
Or: Customer loyalty that has long ago outgrown its infancy.

GIB & GABI is a children’s magazine published every two months that appears in around 350 GESUND-IST-BUNT pharmacies. In publication since 2007, the magazine, which was conceived by acrobat, appeals to children between four and ten and their families.

In each issue, GIB and his sister GABI provide child-friendly information on different healthcare topics. The magazine contains an amusing comic strip, craft ideas, a coloring poster, and a column with tips for age-appropriate books, games, and apps. Every issue also includes a competition with an entertaining puzzle, and we regularly acquire new sponsoring partners for this.

Job: Develop and publish a children’s magazine for pharmacies

Client: GESUND-IST-BUNT pharmacies, parmapharm Marktförderungs GmbH & Co. KG

Services: Editorial staffing, illustrations, layout, co-operation partner acquisition

Indication/topic: Healthcare knowledge for preschool and grade school age children


Knowledge about health topics and how the body works is transmitted in an appropriate and hands-on manner to children. The articles do not patronize the children and are written in fresh, colloquial language.

It’s especially important to use a careful approach when dealing with pharmaceutical products. That is why the magazine avoids all references to or advertisements for pharmaceutical companies and their products. However, the magazine does tie in thematically to the GESUND-IST-BUNT pharmacies’ marketing and medical advice campaigns.


Since 2007, we have come up with topics and published this children’s magazine. We plan, edit, develop the storyboards and illustrations, and create the comics and the layout.

In addition, we design the competitions, using an attractive package to acquire partners that do not come from the healthcare industry. These partners donate the prizes.


The children’s magazine has become a fixed part of the GESUND-IST-BUNT pharmacies’ marketing activities over the past ten years. The response from the member pharmacies and the kids has been extremely positive. Parents and grandparents specifically go to these pharmacies to pick up a copy of GIB & GABI for their children.

The willingness of our competition partners to donate non-cash prizes is a great success, since the magazine, with its large base of readers, is now seen as an attractive advertising opportunity.