Corporate Brochure medac

medac is a prosperous, growing company. In the past five years alone, this medium-sized Hamburg pharmaceutical company grew from 900 to around 1,500 employees. Centrifugal forces inevitably grow stronger and the risk of weakening stakeholder, employee, and client loyalty to the company’s core values and culture increases.

It is therefore important to outline the company’s core values to provide orientation so that everyone, both inside and outside, can understand them, follow them, and they can be used to generate loyalty. In other words, stating the company’s attractiveness provides cohesion in the company, binds the company together, and reflects its image onto the market.

In order to visualize and draw attention to this appeal and the company’s reputation, we worked with medac to outline its key values and positions, formulated them authentically in the spirit of medac, and combined them with a user-oriented message to the target groups – and finally set them in stone in the form of a corporate brochure.

About medac
medac GmbH is an owner-operated pharmaceutical company in Hamburg with over 1,500 employees and branches in many European countries. It specializes in treating and diagnosing oncological, urologic, and autoimmune diseases. medac provides niche products in areas of oncology, urology, autoimmune diseases, and orphan diseases for Germany and international markets. A separate diagnostics division that also sells diagnostic products online, rounds out the company organization.

Corporate communications, image brochure for the medac group

medac GmbH

English, German

Design, text and image content (German, English), graphics/layout, production

Corporate Communications Pharmaceutical SMEs, therapeutic agents, diagnostic products, oncology, autoimmune diseases, urology, orphan diseases, cytostatic drugs, oncologic generic medication