Integrated Rx campaign to launch the Parkinson’s medication XADAGO.

Since 2015, the active ingredient safinamide has been licensed under the name XADAGO in Germany.

Safinamide is the first new chemical ingredient to be approved by the European Commission in the past ten years to treat Parkinson’s patients. This gives Parkinson’s patients an innovative treatment option in their add-on therapy during the disease’s middle and late stages.

The campaign that we developed to launch the new medication was first aimed at specialists – especially neurologists – but also at the medical sales force, who underwent intensive training using detailed training manuals and information material to communicate the advantages to medical specialists. Because we were included early on in designing the launch, we had the opportunity to ask the right questions and to develop extensive information and service material.

Job: Develop an integrated Rx launch campaign

Client: Zambon GmbH

Services: Medical specialist/clinic communication, sales support, training material

Indication/topic: Morbus Parkinson in the middle to late stages


We began designing the campaign before the new drug was approved for sale on the German market. This gave us the opportunity to examine the key message from Italy and evaluate existing material to modify it to the German market and to the neurological specialist and clinic environments.

The results became the foundation of our strategy to develop extensive new training and communication material in close cooperation with medical field forces based on scientific evidence of the drug’s effectiveness.


The measures address the sales force, doctors, and patients. The focus was on training manuals for medical sales forces, and digital and printed material to inform medical specialists.

e-detailing and service tools such as mobility profiles, Hoehn & Yahr scales, and a medication plan for patients complement traditional sales force material.

A patient guidebook that addresses the special challenges present at the advanced stages of the disease complete the service package.


The coherent formatting of XADAGO’s innovative mode of action was well received by sales teams and doctors.

In combination with the variety of service material on the topic of Parkinson’s that support doctors when consulting with their patients, the medical sales force was able to convince neurologists of the benefits of this Parkinson’s drug, and the prescription number forecasts were easily met.

The patient guidebook is also very popular since up to that point there had been none written specifically for the advanced stages of the disease.