“We believe that for every job, there’s a better solution than the one that’s the most obvious.”

Agency for Healthcare Communication

We combine the strategic mindset of a consultancy with the complex market knowledge of a healthcare agency. For over 20 years, we have been developing and implementing product communication, sales, and sales support campaigns with a clear focus on the healthcare sector. We interlace conventional and digital concepts and connect strategy with creatively-tailored implementation to successfully launch and relaunch brands and products.

When working with our clients, we focus on their projects and needs. We are a strategic consultant, we work with individual campaigns and partial accounts or as the lead agency in long-term partnerships.

How we work.


We are innately curious – which means we are always searching for the most innovative and sales-oriented approaches. We ask questions, do research, and get to the bottom of things until we can find a solution that may not be the obvious one, but it will be the best. And that pays – in sales and in inspirational results.



Despite our creativity, we are very reliable when it comes to agreements and deadlines. We don’t back down and we take our obligations, responsibilities, and sense of fairness very seriously. Our clients always know where they stand. And that makes our relationship stable and successful over the long-term.



We perk up our ears when our clients have something to tell us. And not just during the briefing, but all the time. Our assignments are joint projects. We benefit from listening to each other and offering advice as equals. The result? The best possible outcome thanks to a systematic partnership based on trust.



We firmly believe that creative chaos needs to be periodically cleared away: Good ideas don’t fall from the sky; they are the result of hard work and well-though-out strategies. For this reason, we are able to develop innovative concepts that are perfectly tailored to our clients and their brands – creativity included.


Our Focus


Our clients include numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers ranging from Big Pharma to contract manufactures, from Rx to OTC, from original to generic meds, and from pharmaceutical use in clinical settings to home medicine chests.

We are committed to a modern form of pharmaceutical marketing that goes beyond the product to integrate doctors, those who prescribe and recommend drugs, users, and responsible patients looking for information.


As a medical technology firm, you develop products and treatments that improve or even revolutionize medical care and the quality of life for patients.

Whether diagnostics, monitoring, intervention treatments, medical information systems, prostheses, implants, or therapy systems – we create communications tailored to your target group. Our experience is a contributing factor in successfully marketing medical technology innovations and products.


Structured marketing for referring physicians, marketing concepts that leverage high quality medical care for successful communication between patients and referring physicians, clinic campaigns with special themes:

These are all responsible challenges that we undertake for public, non-profit, and private clinics, Medizinische Versorgungszentren (MVZ, ambulatory healthcare centers), rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities.


We develop communication solutions for partnerships between pharmacies, pharmacy networks, associated groups of companies, and buying and marketing groups.

This includes marketing and umbrella brand concepts, marketing and POS campaigns for open displays and self-service shelving, consulting campaigns, retail marketing, and concepts to generate market development funds.


For health organizations, special government agencies, associations, professional institutions, and health care facilities with different types of governing bodies…

…we carry out longterm communication campaigns, develop education, image, and prevention campaigns and promotions, and develop campaigns and promotions to recruit new members.


Research and manufacturing companies at the interface of the natural sciences and engineering are faced with the challenge of communicating complex interactions and marketing innovative products.

This is where our support for life science companies comes in. We specialize in communicating complex issues that are tailored to target audiences in a goal-oriented manner.

No matter what you’re thinking of – we’re all ears!

Do you have a request, a project, or a question? If so, it’s time we get to know each other. During a meeting at our agency in the heart of Hamburg, on the telephone – or wherever your desk is located.

What we do


Strategies are necessary to make purposeful decisions. They provide orientation and direction and help anticipate the future and successfully meet new challenges in the healthcare market. We work together with you to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of your company and clearly position your brands and products.

Our strategic method includes design thinking models, mindsets, and tools, and discursive strategic approaches of the Metaplan school of thought. In addition, we use traditional approaches such as product/market grid, SWOT, stakeholder mapping, core competencies, and effectuation.

In addition, we use traditional approaches such as product/market grid, SWOT, stakeholder mapping, core competencies, and effectuation.

  • Strategy development and consulting
  • Strategy and positioning workshops
  • Brand positioning and mission statement development
  • Innovation management
  • Target group, market, and competition analysis


From website development to physician and patient material: When developing conventional and digital campaigns, we translate customer requirements into key messages and put into play the entire range of relevant activities and channels. Networked and integrated, we keep a watchful eye on the special challenges and circumstances that affect the healthcare market.

  • Campaign development and adaption for rollouts, product launches, and awareness campaigns
  • Product, medication, medical indication, and healthcare topic implementation
  • Target group appropriate communication concepts for B2B and B2C


Product communication in the healthcare area is one of our strengths: We develop training material for medical sales forces, consultation material for physician and patient communication, and support your physician and clinic sales force with smart data tools that improve the data quality of your CRM and make your sales staff more efficient and successful.

  • Materials and media for doctor, clinic, and patient communication
  • Sales support tools (e.g. e-detailing, digital presentations)
  • POS material, merchandising material, trade marketing
  • Medical writing, medical visualization, medical animation
  • Smart data tools to optimize B2B sales, data-driven sales, CRM optimization


To support our clients’ internal and external company communication we interlock strategic thinking with creating: We plan and carry out communication and advertising concepts based on sales strategy. Our approach is customer-oriented and identifies the relevant touch points using a holistic view of the patient and physician journey which we employ for analog and digital communication with the target group.

  • Communications concepts and action planning
  • Trade marketing, medical marketing, product marketing for pharma and medical technology
  • Target-group oriented communication – both analog and digital, including medical social networks
  • Hospitalization marketing and allocation marketing for clinics

How we collaborate.


… we are the strategists at your side. We deliver strategic concept input, we have a hand in creating innovations and added benefits that go beyond the product being marketed – to provide added value to our clients. We think like entrepreneurs for our clients and take on a role that goes beyond our communication assignment and into consulting. We are integrated consultants with the professional healthcare know-how to keep the big picture in mind.


… we direct your marketing and communication projects, coordinate external service providers, and provide constant support to companies, divisions, products and therapeutic fields. This long-term partnership has advantages for both sides: Well-established routines and knowledge of internal and external processes allow projects to be carried out more efficiently for everyone involved. Teamwork creates trust – and gives our clients a secure feeling that the responsibility they place in us is in good hands.


… we’ve got your back. For big impacts, individual projects, or separate communication activities, whether you are launching a product or adapting a global campaign for the German market. No matter what it is, we will be happy to take it all on – from planning to implementation. We don’t lose sight of your strategy, the market environment, or your brand development. Many of our clients first came to us with a straightforward project – and ended up staying as long-term partners.


… we take over when you need a specialist. For example, when dealing with certain indications or a very specific medicinal product that requires the steady instincts of experienced healthcare experts. Do you need our expertise for clearly defined projects within your sales or product communication? To adapt campaigns? Or to create information and consulting materials for physicians? We’d be happy to assume responsibility for these partial accounts. With the precision and serious commitment that our clients have come to expect from us.

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